Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sudden realization

I have truly enjoyed looking at the latest pictures on the Miniature Conflicts blog. A few days back, commenting on the excellent battle report posted in that site on TMP, I asked the author for more close-ups, and I was thrilled to see his pictures today. Since I am still working on the preliminaries stages on this period, new for me, I sincerely welcome all the inspiration i can get!

And looking at the pics, I also had a sudden realization. You may remember my complaints about the Prussian battalion that I primed a couple of weeks ago. Well, as a matter of fact: in the same box in the closet, next to the OG Prussians, I also have a bag of SYW OG Austrians... and by what I see (I cross-check on Google as well), Austrian uniforms for the period were simply white, with colored facings. Of course, I hope to get an Osprey volume at Historicon to retrieve more information, but a white uniforms is much less challenging to paint than a multi-color one as the Prussian, so off I am now to prime some Austrians. I believe that, with the right colors for the facings and maybe a final dipping, I can pull out more than decent SYW Austrian from thse now infamous 15mm OG bags... so, off I am, priming Austrians! Hope to report back soon with some progress on the "Age of Reason" project!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

The Austrian army is indeed a very interesting one. They have the "German" infantry and the slightly more colorful "Hungarian" infantry.

In addition there are some good "irregular" troops (Grenzers) and a fascinating assemblage of cavalry . . . including hussars!

Besides, so many people pick Prussians that you should have an easy time finding an opponent.

-- Jeff