Friday, July 11, 2008

Disappointed by USPS

I have been waiting for a couple of small packages to arrive, any day by now, and yet the mailbox was still empty today. I understand it's summer, people take vacation and the mail service may well be understaffed; I understand we just had July 4th, and it was on a Friday, which means that the whole system shut down for a long weekend. Fine -- but come on, it should not take this time to ship from Indiana or Colorado! I am not waiting anything really important - a few bases from Litko, and some samples from Minifigs. But I am beginning to get impatient! Please please please: can the mailman deliver by tomorrow? We have a WSS/SYW project to evaluate, here!
On other matters. If you paid attention to the news today, you must have realized it was just another insane day on the markets. Which, in turns, means an exciting but exhausting one for an economist. Thus, tonight, I opted for a bicycle ride along the lakefront to unwind, and I took the night off from painting. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a productive day.

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Stokes Schwartz said...

Ah, I feel for you. I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Battlegames #13 from the U.K. for two weeks, and as of this afternoon -- nothing yet. NOrmally, things take only 4-5 days to reach me from Britain. It's terribly frustrating!

Best Regards,