Saturday, July 5, 2008

A little adventure, with a wargaming after-thought

On a break from my operatic full-immersion, we got into a little of an adventure yesterday. With my singing posse we decided to head to a short hike into a gorge on the right bank of the Mohawk River, to visit some beautiful waterfalls. It was supposed to be a short, easy walk -- 15 minutes or so. And we had a teenager local friend as a guide. It sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, our guide got lost, and took the wrong path, and soon we found ourselves entangled into a 2-hour hike in broken terrain, along the bank of a little creek.
It made me think how much we under-appreciate the role of terrain in our age of maps, Google Earth and Garmin. And, in turn, how little we appreciate this challenges when setting up our tabletop battles. Something definitely to keep in mind in my colonial games, and if I will ever get into AWI.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

That's a gorgeous little creek.

One of my ancestors was with a Confederate unit that kept not finding the battle during the Wilderness campaign. They could hear firing all around them, but never could find the fighting.

Yes, terrain is very under-appreciated on the table top. It is one reason why I prefer rolling dice for movement distance rather than having set distances . . . it is one way to acknowledge otherwise invisible delaying terrain.

-- Jeff