Monday, July 14, 2008

Periods I play - it shold have been my introduction on day #1

This is some information I wanted to share in the first day or two of blogging, for sake of introduction, but I kept postponing the actual post in order to articulate better my thought.

Here's a list of historical periods that stroke my imagination, to the point to start wargaming them. Of course, growth has been disorderly at best, with a lot of stop-and-go, rethinking, changes of hearts. Add to that my slow painting, and you truly understand the patchwork nature of my collection of miniatures, and of my gaming.

  • Napoleonic. This is where all started. With the Waterloo - La Haye Sainte by Airfix when I was five. With a Miniature Figurines catalogue fortuitously ending in my hands when I was 16. With an occasional purchase of French infantry in overcoat at an Italian militaria show when I was nineteen. With my first order to Southampton when I was twenty. Anyway. I have never been able to deny myself any sub-period, so I am ending up with a little bit of everything. Revolutionary Wars, 1805, 1809. Soon Peninsula and 1806. Probably Egypt and anything past 1812 will come at a later time. But I am afraid it will come, soon or later...

  • Colonial. Again, a fascinating era where I am not able to pronounce any firm "no." Sudan? Egypt during the Arabi revolt? North-West Frontier? Zulu? Boer Wars? Abyssinia? The Legion Etrangere in North Africa? Boxer Rebellion? Indian Mutiny? I just want them all. Maybe for a small, occasional skirmish every now and then. But it must be done.

  • WWI. Here's I am getting a little more discriminatory. I am absolutely fascinated by the war in the Near East: Mesopotamia and Palestine. I am very intrigued by 1914, before the war settled into trench warfare. Maybe East Africa, where miniatures can be easily recycled from other theatres. And I am slowly collecting Italian and Austrian troops for 1915-1918.

  • Italian Risorgimento. As for the middle of the XIX cent., I never completely clicked neither with Crimea nor with the FPW, but I am fascinated by the Italian Wars of Independence. Which provide the opportunity to collect French and Austrian troops, plus Sardinia and several Italian minor states. Very colorful.

The aforementioned projects are those in which, at different degree of completion, I am already active in. There are a few other periods that are just work in progress: some miniatures collected, a few less painted, a few rules read, but no actual game already played. I think those will deserve a post of their own.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Of these the period that resonates with me is Colonial. Perhaps I've read too much Kipling, but like you I have a hard time resisting any of it . . . but I really am drawn to the Northwest Frontier action.

I've never been subject to the allure of Napoleonics. Yes, I understand why so many are . . . but it just doesn't excite me at all. I occasionally play to accommodate a fellow gamer but the period leaves me cold.

WWI also leaves me cold (with the exception of the air war) . . . although East Africa is a bit of an exception . . . but I think of that as an extension of the Colonial period.

As for the Italian Wars, I really know very little about them . . . but I am already drawn to so many other periods (such as the whole of the 18th century) that I don't need to get excited about a new one.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks for sharing your other eras of interest with us! I agree, 1914 is fascinating. For me, it's the Tannenburg campaign in East Prussia. And I've always wanted to take a stab at the 1859 Franco-Austrian War in Northern Italy.

Best Regards,