Monday, July 28, 2008

Historicon 2009 is only 353 days away...

... but for the time being, we can still revel in the good memories on the 2008 edition. I made it home yesterday, waking up at the wee hours for a 8:30am flight from Baltimore. I was even a little early to the airport, so that I was able to relax, and enjoy a nice breakfast at the BWI Phillips restaurant: crabcakes omelette and bloody mary. Not bad for somebody who is never up before 11am on Sunday, and goes for hours with the only support of a good cappuccino. And it was a true joy sipping my bloody mary while reading a few chapters of Charles Grant's "The War Game" -- yes, as somebody pointed out in early comments, the book was indeed available at the booth of "On Military Matters"... and could I have ever left an unbought copy on the shelf???
I already posted on the first day at the convention; it will suffice to say that the second day, Saturday, was likewise enjoyable. More shopping at the flea market: at the end, I left Pennsylvania with five Ospreys: Indian Mutiny, Infantry and Cavalry of Frederick the Great, Austrian Infantry and Cavalry 1740-1780. Remarkably on topic, by the way - during my Historicon shopping sprees I tend to give in to the impulse of the moment: but not this time. I am glad to report the purchase of a windmill, by Hovels. Wait for pictures soon. I checked a lot of terrain in Dealers' Hall, and now I think I will make an order for PaperTerrain buildings in the 10mm scale, that are perfectly suitable to 15mm miniatures when play at grand-tactical level.
I also continued my miniatures shopping, adding more Tin Soldier Abyssinians from the always nice people at Silver Eagle. I took home some samples of WSS Irregular, and WSS Essex as well. Finally, I bought a WSS Palatine Elector army pack from Edition Brokaw/Pat Condray, at the amazing cost of $35. The miniatures are old style 15mm, but seriously: $35 is a real deal.
As always, the best part was to connect with old and new friends. Peter, Joe, Tom from CT, Eric, Brian, Mark (?) from the Charlotte gang, Ken, Freddie (who looks in fantastic shape!), Brent and Jim, Ray, Chris and Pat brothers always at the top of their game, Tony, Iain, Rob - best to all of you, and my apology if I am forgetting someone.

Overall, it was a very good convention. After the complaints I read about Historicon 2007 (which I missed) I thought this year the execution was almost flawless, in terms of facilities: air conditioning running, plenty of decent food available, even with a few options for choice, plenty of space in the gaming area, without too much over-crowding. I would say moderate attendance, although the added gaming space can make the assessment tricky. To be frank, considering gas prices I was expecting less people, and the parking lot at the Host was full both on Friday and Saturday. Yeah, the Host remains an overall stinky place, and just when you thought that carpeting could not become any more stickier, here it went to prove you wrong. Alas, I also need to report that daily showering remains an under-appreciated morning rituals for some of the convention attendees.

On a related but different and inappropriate topic: the Osprey Publishing booth was run by a very hot young lady. For a miniature wargaming convention, it was a first. But I am a married man: and I got my Ospreys at the flea market instead.

For those of you who missed the show, I add a couple of pics (of the convention, not of the Osprey chick!) Here's Dealers' Hall.

Here's the theatre, where the Flames of War tournament took place on some amazing terrain. I am stll unimpressed by the game, but the whole affair was run in a superb manner.

Last, a couple of eye candies from games that unfortunately I did not play, but that stood out for the beauty of the settings. Congratulations on all the game masters, a true inspiration for all of us!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Thanks for these photos . . . I would enjoy seeing more since I'll never make it to an Historicon . . . *sigh*.

I'm glad that you had a good time . . . and did you get the message from Steve and myself that there were two volumes of the Grant WSS guide?

I'm enjoying your blog.

-- Jeff

Adik said...

Thanks Jeff, I will try to add a few more pictures tonight, although they will not be as good as the one I had yesterday night.

And yes, I bought both Grant's WSS guides, and CS Grant's book! Thank you for the fantastic recommendation!