Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I do not have a windmill

The title says it all. How could I possibly live without one? How did I manage to live 38 years and never, ever have contemplated the purchase of a windmill before? I mean... HALLOOO?! Valmy, anyone?

So, here a few options, popping out from a quick Google search & some digging in TMP archives...

So many choices... and only three weeks until Historicon to make up my mind!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Three points.

First, while I have not seen it, the Stone Mountain windmill is probably "American" windmill (which looks nothing like the European versions.

Next, I have a pair of 15mm windmills of a different pattern than the Hovels one pictured . . . but I do believe that they were also Hovels. It came from a line of 15mm buildings that all had nice height but very very small footprints. Most had tile roofs -- so they were probably from a Peninsular line of buildings . . . you might want to search them out.

Finally, some 15-20 years ago I recall seeing a wonderful 6mm terrain setup in one of the major British magazines. It was for one of the major Napoleonic battles (I don't recall which one) . . . but it featured 6mm paper windmills.

-- Jeff

Donogh McCarthy said...

and just to keep you on your toes, Irregular also do one for 2mm
Here's a picture:

tidders said...

One of the first things I got for my 18c wargame project scenery was a windmill from the Dapol model railway range order code C016 (see http://tidders-kingdomofwittenberg.blogspot.com/2007/05/in-windmill-of-my-mind.html) It may be a bit large for 15mm, it really would suit 20mm figs (or maybe 'large' 15mms),

Look forward to reading more about your 18c army project.

Rest of you wargames projects are interesting too