Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Link to a new blog

I am very glad to provide a link to a relatively new blog, "Konig und Kaiser," who went online only a few weeks before "Desto Fante." The author, CWT, hails from one of my favorite spot in the planet, Scotland. He has left a few comments on my own posts before, and I apologize if it took this much to add a direct link to his pages.
He is now offering a few very interesting thoughts on Sam Mustafa's rules, "Might and Reason." Worth checking it out.


Capt Bill said...

Just found your site. Thanks, it's a joy. Best regards...Bill

Adik said...

Thanks, Bill! I just added a link to your blog, too - great stuff!

CWT said...

Thanks for the mention on your blog! I'll be adding yours to my little list, as it's now a regular destination of mine.

All the best,