Sunday, July 13, 2008

Historicon minus 12!

I will be back at the great HMGS-E convention - twelve days and counting!

I have not been to a convention in exactly two years. It feels like a long time. Attending HMGS-E used to be much easier when I was living on the East Coast. On a few occasions, it was almost a spur of the moment decision: I woke up in the morning, went for a road trip to Lancaster, or Gettysburg, or Timonium, (... mmm, scratch that, I prefer to forget that year...) and drove back late in the evening. But now I live in the Midwest, and the trip needs to be properly planned: it requires a round-trip flight to Philly or Baltimore; renting a car; booking a room at one of the hotels near the Host. And all of this on a shoe-string budget: money is for Dealer's Hall, not for a bed where I will crash a few, forgettable hours. The preparation takes some effort, but again: diletantes think strategy, professionals think logistics...

I should add this Historicon happens at a great time. I mean: it always happens in July, but there were times in which I was not feeling particularly motivated on any specific project, so attending the convention mostly resulted in bumming around, and impulse shopping. [Yeah, I know... those ECW pikemen, still forgotten in some box in the closet... what was I thinking?]

At the contrary, this year I feel very motivated about both ongoing and new projects; I have a clear idea of what I am looking for, and yet I am flexible enough to snatch some golden opportunities in Dealers' Hall or at the flea market if anything great will appear before my eyes. Focus on Napoleonic - Valmy Prussians, Suvorov Russians, Peninsula British, maybe some Saxons or Bavarians for color. Focus on WSS/SYW, as well, especially painting guides. I need a windmill, and a bridge. I want to look into paper terrain in 10mm. Seekrieg V. An Humvee or two. Some modern troops for Ambush Alley. I am mostly OK with colonials, but I won't say no to additional Pathans or Abyssinians. Oh, and those British marines in forage cap.
It's a long list, there will be a lot of painful decisions to take on the spot. Decision, decision. Historicon, I'm coming!

I also look forward reconnecting with several old friends, and maybe acquainting myself with a few new one. I will make sure my tag will include "Adik" or "Desto Fante", so I hope to meet some of you guys out there reading this blog. If you spot me around on Friday or Saturday, just come and shake my hand!


Bluebear Jeff said...

*sigh* . . . I'd love to make it to a Historicon sometime . . . but living where I do (off the west coast of Canada) it is very unlikely.

I'd also love to make it to one of the SYWA Conventions in the Midwest . . . but that too is probably not to be . . . but at least you now have a chance to do that . . . it is in the Midwest.

So please do me a favor and have a grand time . . . then share the memory of it here with us.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

....and I'm even further away than Jeff so I double-ditto his comments!