Monday, July 7, 2008

Back in town

I am back home, after a very early flight from Albany. I think I will crash soon, and I am already savoring a restful night of solid sleep.

But before calling the day, a quick update. I finally posted a couple of pictures from the Old Glory SYW range we discussed last week. Before I left for the Mohawk Valley, I had received confirmation from Tom Dye at Minifigs that my sample was shipped, so I expected to received the small package in the next couple of days. I order SYW Prussians from Minifigs, to make a shoulder-to-shoulder comparison with the OG figures who failed to inspire me. Also, I have a WSS sampler to whet my appetite. If, as I expect, Minifigs miniatures will pass my examination, I will probably start painting some units for the Marlburian period soon.

Incidentally, 15mm OG SYW Prussians are also the topic of this conversation on TMP.

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Steve said...

..I know how I feel about Minifigs (see my blog, and my WSS project page), but I'm interested to hear your views when you get them! :o))