Monday, October 22, 2012


I spent the last ten days painting wagons. It seems to me that we never have enough wagons and supply trains on the tabletop, and the reality is: they look good. They are functional (raid on a convoy scenario?), they come handy in almost every period I game, from SYW to napoleonics, to colonial to WWI, and visually they really add a great deal to the game. Yet, it always seems that there are other priorities on my painting table. I have been buying wagons, trains and limbers for a long time, from several different sources (Essex, Minifigs, Hallmark, Museum Miniatures), but they have remained packed away. Over the years, memory of those puchase somewhat faded - I could tell what I own, but I cannot remember clearly what I bought from whom. Finally, a few weeks ago, I brought the lot out and I have finally put my brushes to work. Soon there will be a nice, varied train park at my disposal: a few larger wagons, a few smaller ones, some carts, a nice collection of items to be transported (boxes and barrels), a few canvas wagon tops. Pictures will come, but yesterday night I finished two carts with hay, and even if the pictures aren't of the best quality, I think you will enjoy them.