Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Slow but steady progress

Another unremarkable evening with some minor progress on the Napoleonic front. Before basing IR 60 Graf Gyulai, I decided to dip the unit. I mean, a dip in the "miracle dip" -- Minwax Polyshades Tudor. The dipping technique is something I have began to practice about two years ago, and it worked miracles with my colonial miniatures. As far as Napoleonic figures are concerned, I am less than tepid. I do not think that the effect is really worthwhile over the usually colorful and flamboyant uniforms of the period. If I decided to dip the Hungarians, tonight, it was just as a test: I was curious to see whether, with these uniforms almost completely white, there was anything to gain by adding the dip's special effect. I would say: probably not. A few details were highlighted, a few painting sins were hidden, but overall, I do not think it is worth the effort. If it ain't broken, don't fix it: and my Austrians aren't broken, after all.

Some exciting news about the French chasseurs a cheval. By tomorrow night, I should able to have three completed units (eight cavalrymen each, plus one officer) plus an overall commander, for a total of 28 miniatures. Tonight I had to decide how to properly identify each unit. I resolved to throw "historical accuracy" out of the window, and I came up with the following system, which matches epaulettes to that sort of hanging cloth on the side of the colpack. [These are, by the way, "elite" chasseurs.]
So, here's the matching criterion: one unit (and his officer) will wear red epaulettes and red hanging bag; the second, yellow epaulettes and red hanging bag; the third one, don't you guess?, red epaulettes and yellow bag. The overall commander will have silver epaulettes. Clever, isn't it? I hope to have pictures to show in one day or two.

If I keep painting at this pace, I should be able to deploy the troops for a battle soon. I browsed through C.S. Grant's "Scenarios for All Ages", and I found a set-up that striked my fancy, and suited my forces pretty well: scenario 22, or "Making the best of a bad job."
... it sounds like I may have a project for the weekend...

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Steve said...

...could you post some before and after pictures of a unit that has been dipped at some time?? I'm always looking for hints and tips... and I usually have a myriad of painting mistakes to cover over!