Sunday, June 22, 2008

What will be next

There are two projects I want to commit to in the coming weeks.

A. I want to complete as many miniatures as possible for my Italian-Abyssinian colonial games. Eventually, I would not mind to place an order for some integrations and odd-and-ends before Historicon. Galla cavalry tops my list, followed by Abyssinians with rifle, more bersaglieri (you can never have enough bersaglieri!) and askari.

B. I want to make a breakthrough in all my napoleonic miniatures that sit in the closet, almost completely painted, and yet not ready to be based and transferred in the "official" collection. I took a quick survey last week, and it appears I have a LOT of miniatures in near-completion status. I will write more about this, adding pictures. I am planning a few evenings of intensive painting sessions, and bring all these little guys into line.

On the backburner, but on my radar: a few Figurehead 1/6000 for the Italian and Austro-Hungarian WWI navies... what? Did you think I do not do naval? Actually, I don't: by somehow SeeKrieg V has been creeping up on my wishlist for Historicon, and it would be nice to have a few ships ready for action coming back from Lancaster...

This is really for the next 2-3 weeks. Wargamers have a short attention span, and I already know I will be easily derailed. I can almost hear those boxes of WWI Germans and Turks screaming... maybe an excursion to Gallipoli for the late summer? 

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