Sunday, June 29, 2008

Napoleonic French Infantry

Repeating the exercise just conducted below for the Austrian infantry, I also looked at the French, just to get a sense of how much work is done/remains to be done. The French collection is still a work in progress, and I realized I will need to add a few but fundamental figures to round up to completed units. On my shopping list, I have 3 command figures in overcoat, 6 command figures in bicorne, 18 infantrymen in shako, and 6 grenadiers advancing (that's 1F bag in the old Minifigs listing). Assuming the integration just listed, I should end up with:
  • 10 line battalions in shako

  • 2 line battalions in shako and overcoat

  • 4 battalions in bicorne

  • 1 battalion of light infantry

Bottom line: 17 infantry battalions, to oppose the Austrian 18 infantry battalions as calculated in the previous post.

... mmm... not good... I think I need to add to the French forces, pronto.

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