Sunday, June 29, 2008

Napoleonic Austrian Infantry

Since I am still sitting and waiting for the paint on the kitchen walls to dry, I thought to go through some boxes and tally up my existing forces. Just to kill the time, and check which little homework I need to do in order to have a nice, fighting force battle-ready.
I started by my Napoleonic Austrians. Here's where I stand.
  • IR#3 Erzherzog Karl

  • IR#4 Deutschmeister

  • IR#11 Graf Wallis

  • IR#21 Gemmingen

  • IR#28 Graf Wartensleben

  • IR#31 Benjowsky

  • IR#48 Graf Kinsky

All the above wear the helmet in use between 1798 and 1805/1809.These are seven solid units that came through a fortunate bidding over eBay a few years back. In one of my anal retentive moments, I realized, though, that some of the color facings do not correspond to what reported in other sources, like here and here. Therefore, I think I will do some minor work to correct this, admittedly minor, inconsistency. IR#11 will get pink facings; IR#21 sea green, IR#28 grass green, and IR#47 steel green.

There are then other units ready but not officially "baptized." One has helmet and red facings; it may become IR#23 von Toscana/Wurzburg (I dunno about Wurzburg, but Toscana reminds me of a red Chianti, which I can easily associate to the facings for prompt identification on the battlefield. The other one wears shako and grey overcoat, and it will take a little longer to match it to a historical unit.

Then there is the pipeline. I can count:
  • 51 line infantrymen in shako

  • 31 line infantrymen in helmet

  • 23 Hungarian grenadiers

  • 12 jaegers

To round the numbers, I will probably have to buy a few additional command sets. With this further addition, if my math is right, I should bring in at least other 5 battalions in shako, 3 battalions in helmet, 2 grenadier battalions and 1 jaeger. Not bad!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Now, now, Adolfo. You know that you really want to start painting some tricorn toops. *grin*

-- Jeff