Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On wargaming the Age of Reason, again

In his comments to a previous post, Bluebear Jeff raises a good point:

<< If painting uniform detail is something that you don't care for, then I'd suggest the earlier part of the 18th century.

There is a lot less "lace" and detailing in the WSS and GNW . . . and more cavalry as well (if you like horses). >>

[By the way: can anyway suggest a shortcut to quote and unquote on Blogger?]

In fact, the Marlburian period (War of Spanish Succession) is what I have been looking to when pondering this new project, exactly for the good reasons Jeff pointed out. Although I have to say: despite my claim to be just an average painter, with little interest for the intricacies of 18th century uniforms, I have never tested myself. Thus, for sake of experimenting, tonight I mounted on hobby sticks and primed 24 Prussian musketeers for the Seven Year War. Hopefully, over the next few days I will take a stab at painting them, and I will reach firmer conclusions. For the time being, I will enjoy Jeff's recommended links, dreaming about the possibilities...

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