Monday, June 23, 2008

Preview: Italians readying for Adowa

It was getting late tonight, but I was still able to squeeze in a few minutes to base two Italian units for Adowa, and some accompanying officers. Here a group pic.

There are a few retouches I need to do before declaring these "battle ready", but overall I am rather satisfied. The miniatures, by the way, are by the excellent, and much under-appreciated, Tin Soldier line, distributed in the U.S. by Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies (highly recommended.)

Here's the commanding officer: a true bersagliere, ca va sans dire...

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Tel said...

Got to agree with you about the Tin Soldier minis. I'm painting some up myself.

Do you have any decent sources of maps for the terrain? I can only find one rough drawn map on and I can't seem to tie it in with Google Earth.

Good Luck with the battle when it happens.