Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Productive evening

Funny how I have spent some time thinking about wargaming the Age of Reason right at the time I had committed myself to make some progress on my two major projects of the moment, colonial and napoleonic. Oh, well, I am a fickle wargamer. Nonetheless, tonight I was able to sit at the desk for a couple of hours and, indeed, I get something accomplished, other than priming those 24 Prussian musketeers.

First, I finally based three French 12pdr guns, with line foot artillerymen in attendance. Second, I completed the final touches to 8 Austrian hussars, and 8 French chasseurs. There are other 16 chasseurs almost completed as well, so I am looking forward to the weekend to get this task done and beef up my napoleonic cavalry collection. I also had some good work done on 30 French line infantry in bicorne, and 20 French line infantry in overcoat. Last but not least, I checked the status on several Sudanese colonial miniatures, and I should be able to bring them into "battle ready" status by the weekend as well. No picture for tonight, but hopefully tomorrow I'll snap on pic or two.

I am planning on writing at least three longer posts under the category "about us" over the next couple of weeks, in which I want to talk in some detail about:

A, periods I do play;
B. rules I do like;
C. periods I do NOT play. (At least for the time being...)

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