Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some quiet time

Last week turned out to be more busy and stressful than anticipated, with a few professional events in the evening that prevented me to make any big advances in my wargaming projects. I then took the week to relax, catching up with friends old and new in a few social occasions. I also went for a very long bicycle ride yesterday, and a shorter one today. All this to admit: not much progress. But, after all, this is what in Italy is known as "la settimana di Ferragosto", or the "mid-August week" - a major vacationing time. So, I do not feel too bad, and in fact I did some painting today, on the Hadendowa/Abyssinians riflemen I bought at Historicon. Also, some good readings out of Burleigh, from the two books available online I previously mentioned here.

As I recharge my batteries, I am pondering whether I should commit to a schedule of projects, or keep proceeding in my free-wheeling style. I really would like to complete some Abyssinians troops, and have a playtest for EB and our new rules. These games would come straight of Mark Fastoso's scenario book, and would take relatively little work for preparation once the miniatures are painted. I'd actually like to send out a broad invitation for the playtest, and bring on-board a few friends who are new to wargaming, but show some interest in learning more about the hobby. That would be fun.
Second, I would like to start a mini-campaign in the Eastern Sudan. Yes, I got good ideas from my readings, some interesting time-tables in terms of traveling and deployment times, and some excellent orders of battle.
Finally, I need to add some troops to the roster of the Principality of Saxe-Pape-Cyssor, and its mortal enemies... this will require some $$$ to invest in new Marlburian miniatures, and I am afraid the process will stretched out to October, easily.
After a spur of enthusiasm in Napoleonics right in the middle of the summer, things have slowed down on that front, but they are not out of the picture. I just need some prioritizing, and of course some time - which has been a scarce resource over the past week. Fortunately, I have so many fantastic blogs in my reading list that keep me over-stimulated...


Bluebear Jeff said...

It is great to actually get a project to the point where you can get troops on the table.

And, while I am a great fan of the Tricorn periods, I think that I would urge you to finish up your Colonials and get some friends in to play.

However I would also urge you to have some painted 18th Century lads to show your friends so that they know that the Colonial period is not the only game available.

Who knows, one period or the other might excite one of your friends to get involved in the hobby.

-- Jeff

A J Matthews said...

Adik, I'm also interested in the Eastern Sudan campaign. One book I can recommend is FIGHTING THE FUZZY-WUZZY by Captain, later Major E. A. De Cosson.

These are the memoirs of the expeditionary force Transport Officer, and they're full of useful details about the logistics and situation in Suakin. Part of his duties included responsibility for water supplies, and being a hands-on type, quite often he was present with the marching columns and saw all the major actions.

Anonymous said...

i say...keep crackin on those projects! i myself have TONS to do just to promote my biz AND commissions to do...all this and a freaking DAY JOB! but...if i win the lottery you & me are breakin free & doing nothing but makin stuff! deal!? =)