Tuesday, August 19, 2008

His Imperial Highness Negus Neghesti

You will laugh: but I have been thinking for a few years about this minature. After all, it is not just another rank-and-file grunt: this is His Imperial Highness Negus Neghesti, depending by the time Theodorus or Menelik (I am not picky.)
Finally, tonight, while watching the Olympics, I just pick up the brush and here the result. Which, as usual, looks horrible at this magnitude: but believe me, it looks pretty impressive in the real scale of 15mm. The bad lighting doesn't help (the collar looks green in reality... oh well: for better pictures, you need to wait for a daylight photo-op.)
As you may have already guessed: tonight it was painting night, and I made a few progress on my Hadendowa/Abyssinians. Here's another preview.

And I'd better to reserve some time on my schedule, because the "pipeline" still looks rock solid...


CWT said...

Nice painting work - I sympathise with you about the camera looking very unforgiving on miniatures (I always think my 15mm figs look better 'in the flesh') and with the lack of spare time to address a box full of half-painted figures glued to sticks! Progres comes slowly, if at all!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I too have a bunch of half-painted Colonials on "craft sticks" in a similar container . . . only difference is that mine are 25mm figures (Zulus, Egyptians and some more Pathans).

-- Jeff

Tel said...

Nice work despite the camera. I hate the way figures alway look different under flash or fluorescent lighting).

Might give me the courage to finally paint mine up. Can't find any sort of colour info on the big guy so i'll just blob some white and blue on him (and sutable amount of gold).

I actually have mine stuck on the 'cups' that disposable contact lens come in. Just the right size for 15mm.