Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The secret about my blog header

As I catch up with an unbelievable variety of more or less pleasant issues (seriously, guys: I was out of town four days: how did all of this happen?), I want to reply to Craig of "Koening und Kaiser" fame, who asked about the "professional and nice set out" of my blog, and of my header in particular.
Well, Craig, I hate to be honest, but there is really nothing of nice and professional about the header: just several trial-and-error attempts with a lot of cropping, until the picture "looked" right. By your question, I guess it does... but I wish I knew a few magic to do the work in a slightly more professional manner myself! I am afraid I still have a long way to go in handling HTML. For instance, I'd love to know how to handle tables for my next post, but I have no clue. Time to jump and dig in Blogger help...
By the way - K&K is coming up with some very witty ideas about how do handle grand-tactical and strategic movement at campaign level: check it out here. I hope Craig will soon report about his progresses on this project!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I agree that "Konig und Kaiser" is an interesting read. It (like your blog) is on on my daily "check them out" list.

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Such nice compliments! *blush*

I'm glad to learn that the header is no technical feat, and that you're not a part-time programmer or anything!

I'll overhaul my site's setup sometime soon, but thanks for the advice!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Adik - if you have a look at my Table top teasers blog - there is some table code you can copy from there...

I edit the post using the "HTML view" as opposed to WYSYWYG, & then use standard HTML code... there's a good tutorial here...


..the only thing to remember with Blogger is not to leave any spaces or carriage returns within the table, otherwise when you post the post it puts them as blank lines at the top of the post..

If you use Explorer, and right click on my Table Top Teaser page, and then select "view source" you can see the code I use (search on "table border" and that's the start of the table)

Adik said...


thanks very much for the tutorials! It will get good mileage... and I love the "view source" trick!