Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Slow moving

... but moving. During the last couple of evenings I have been painting some Abyssinians, or, to be more precise, the Old Glory 15 Fuzzy-Wuzzy Sudanese that I am planning to deploy as Abyssinians. I wasn't too kind to OG when I looked at their SYW range, but I am glad to report that these colonial miniatures are very nice: animated, even dramatic in the poses, but still easy to paint. I am really enjoying working on them. At the moment, I have on my workbench two bags of Fuzzy Wuzzy riflemen and command, but I think I may soon add at least other two bags - spearmen and swordsmen. The reason I am adding the riflemen first is that I already have some "true" Abyssinians from the excellent Tin Soldier range, but I read in the battle reports of the time that Abyssinians had indeed a large availability of rifles, so I really need to beef up this section in my tabletop African army.

There was a moment of disappointment when, getting ready to prime the Fuzzy Wuzzy, I realized I ran out of white primer. White primer seems to be the obvious choice for an army mostly clad in white robes, but clearly this is not going to happen. Those of you not living in Chicago may not be aware that one stupid rule existing in this city (which has plenty of stupid rules: do not even get me started on the ban oagainst pate' de foie gras...) is a ban against spray paint. Officially, it is a measure to fight graffiti. In practice, it is an idiotic rule that force you to go the suburbs to buy spray paint. Alas, I have been busy at work, and I did not have a chance for a trip to Evanston: so, I resolved to opt for a black primer, which is actually working better than anticipated. It takes a more robust white base to avoid a see-through effect, but overall I am quite satisfied. I think at the end, these miniatures will look really good.

It will take a while, though, to have some finished product to show here: tomorrow evening I am once again heading to the airport for one of my final operatic trip to upstate New York. Expect light blogging until Sunday - although, by now, you may have realized I will do my best to sneak some thoughts in every now ad then...

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Bluebear Jeff said...

First, from what I understand, "Old Glory" and "Old Glory 15s" are provided by two separate companies.

"Old Glory" does 10mm, 25mm and their only 15mm troops are "Command Decision" WWII and post-WWII figures.

All other OG 15mm troops are sold by a different company.

As for black priming, I use it myself for most figures. And, like many who use black primer, I then "damp-brush" it with white paint.

This results in raised surfaces being white and recessed points being black.

Now many paints are actually translucent rather than opaque . . . which is why reds and many yellows are so difficult to use over dark colors.

Anyway, this means that often your shading is already done . . . and, as you've probably discovered, that recessed areas that don't get paint look like shadows.

-- Jeff