Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Painting Abyssinian ras and negus: a follow-up

In his comment on my previous post, Tel mentioned his struggle to find inspiration to paint Abyssinian leader figures, ras and negus. I have a few pictures I found here and there over the web, and maybe these images will provide some inspiration! It is not much, and at the end I decided to follow my artistic (??) inclination, but I hope to trigger some good painting karma in my friends.

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Tel said...

Thanks for posting the plates, much appreciated. I recognise the first one straight away (think that series of plates is the primary source for most of us.) but the two below are new to me.

My other main source was a couple of colour plates from Osprey's 'Queen Victoria's Enemies (2) North Africa'. Predates the Italians somewhat but much change didn't seem to occur. Red and Blue does seem to be the standard for the Chiefs.

Theres also some b/w photo's in it that shows just how intricate the decorations on the lembd and shields were. I doubt even 25mm sculpts could do them justice.

Time to get the brushes out at the weekend.