Friday, October 10, 2008

Painting the Age of Reason miniatures

Here's a preliminary, photographic report on the progress, or lack thereof, made last week, amidst tumbling markets and failing economies. These two sets are respectively French WSS and Prussian SYW, both by Minifigs USA. I am painting 24 of each, in order to have two "big" battalions by 24 figures each - yahoo! As you will notice, still a long way to go, and I still need to get completely comfortable with the Prussians. The French feel more straightforward, or mybe it is just my preference for WSS over SYW. After all, if you remember my thoughts back from the summer when I started all the blog, the whole was to experiment with different periods within the 18th century, and go for the one I feel more comfortable painting. Anyway, preliminary as they are, here's a glimpse to what is being worked on.

And in true spirit of the times (the current, not the XVIII century) please notice the worthless stock quotes in the Wall Street Journal I used to protect the underlying table.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Personally I'm not all that fond of painting . . . and I've found the earlier period (WSS/GNW) a lot easier to paint than that latter (WAS/SYW) . . . but both look great when on the table.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

They both look good so far. MiniFigs are fun to work with.

Best Regards,


Herzog Ignaz said...

Worthless stock quotes were a significant feature of the Age of Reason as well--consult the South Seas Bubble, the Louisiana Company Panic, etc.