Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Abyssinian Wars Project

Before the turmoil on financial markets completely absorbed my life, I hinted a few times to a colonial project I have been working on for a few months. My friend EB is writing the 2nd edition of a great set of rules for the colonial period, and he asked me to contribute the army lists for the publication, expected to go to the press next year.
It was tough to find the time, but I finally delivered EB some drafts last week, and apparently he thinks they are really good. Some more work to polish the ratings, and add a few optional rules, and voila', we will be in good shape. Stay tuned, because when the time will come, I will provide plenty of information about our project.
In the meanwhile, I took the opportunity of this contribution to go through an inventory of miniatures I have available for the Italian-Abyssinian War, 1887-1896. My playtests were conducted with some Mahadist units as stand-in, but I realized that, with little efforts, I may have a full, completed project!
So, first of all, I pick up the excellent scenarios booklet "Colonial Campaigns - Ethiopia 19887-1896" by Mark Fastoso (whom, incidentally, I also help with playtesting.) Second, I tallied up all the units you need to play the 10 scenarios, thus deriving a nice matrix of what do I need to have in storage. I counted five types of units for a total of 13 units for the Italians, plus leaders (mounted and foot) plus guns, MGs and wagons. The Abyssinians forces display also five types of units, for a total of 16 units, plus leaders and guns.
Next step, with my little matrix in hand, I paraded the existing forces on the table for a roll call. Some units are already battle-ready, some other miniatures are at different stages along the painting process, and a few are still in their sad little bag, unpainted. I took a few pictures, one for the Italian

and two for the Abyssinians.

This quick survey highlighted a few shortcomings, which I immediately try to fix with an order for a few bags. I received the missing pieces during my recent "sabbatical", so to speak, and as soon as I'll come back to wargaming in full swing, I will have in my hands all I need to complete the two armies in a short time!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I look forward to seeing how this project develops . . . and to seeing these troops in action.

-- Jeff

Eli Arndt said...

Jut found this post and was wondering what figures you are using? They look like very nice poses and the seperate weapons are bonus.



Adik said...

Hi Eli,

my Abyssinians are in fact a mix: Old Glory 15 Fuzzy Wuzzies, Tin Soldier, and Irregular. The ones with separate weapons are Tin Soldier figures.

I wish I had bought some Eureka Abyssinians, as they look great -- but at the time of my purchase, the Australian dollar was killing the US dollar, and it was not worth it. These days, with the reversal of fortunes in the currency market, I am actually tempted to go back and add one or two units, just because you can never have enough natives.

Price is, in part, also the reason why the bulk of my Abyssinians are in fact based on Fuzzy Wuzzies: OG15 miniatures are very affordable, they paint up well and fast, and they can always double up as Sudanese. 'Sounds like a win-win decision to me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Eli Arndt said...

Thanks for the information. I'd be interested in seeing a side by side of the OG, Tin Soldier and the Irregular for comparison. If you have any pics of such, maybe drop me a line at my regular emial (posted in my profile).