Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A night of peaceful painting

... and the nice feeling that progress is happening in my "age of reason" project! I spent a couple of hours adding a few but fun details - the cuffs, the tricorne lace, the belts...
Here's, in no particular order, some of the work for the night. The first two shots are Minifigs WSS French; the third, the infamous Old Glory SYW Austrians; the last, the Edition Brokaw WSS Palatine. On this final line: the sculpt is somewhat rough and "old style", but I have to say these miniatures are easy to paint, and very fun to work on. Despite the tentative details, they have a shot of becoming favorite of mine along the Minifigs range!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I have a bunch of Editions Brokaw WSS figures that I got many years ago (Spanish and French) . . . and I agree.

They aren't 'fancy' figures, but they have just about the right amount of detail and are simple to paint.

My long-range plans include a WSS project and I will almost certainly get a large number of EB figures for it . . . they are easy to paint and the price is very nice.

-- Jeff