Thursday, September 30, 2010

A completed project?

Is there anything like a complete and completed project in wargaming?!? Am I going to die, next?

Well, yes and no (about the project, not about me dying, of course!)

It seems that my colonial Abyssinia project is extremely close to reach its conclusion. My original target was to have all the necessary units required to play every scenario in Mark Fastoso's Colonial Campaigns book, Ethiopia 1887-1895. And I am now glad to report that the target, by and large, has been achieved. The line-up is nearly completed: all the miniatures are in, painted or very near to be finished. I can count, for the Italians, three units of line infantry, two bersaglieri, five askari, three Eritrean bands, one squadron of mounted askari lancers, plus guns, Maxim guns, and wagons. For the Ethiopians, bands of Galla warriors, Bana warriors, and Danakil lancers (two each), four bands armed with muskets and rifles, four bands of Tigrai irregular, two generic spearmen units, four mounted bands, and guns.

Of course, with hindsight, a few choices could have been different. One day, I might buy a few packs from the Italian shop Aude and get some real "Penne di Falco" askari lancers, instead of my own conversion from Egyptian lancers. And yes, sooner or later, I would add an Ethiopian "barded" cavalry unit from Eureka, a range which did not exist when I embarked in my project. But again, these are minor quibbles, refinements on a project which is now firmly built, and ready to be brought to the next stage -- the tabletop!

As I was going to the final touches to some of the aforementioned unit, I had to good idea to take some picture of the final result. You may have already seen some of these miniatures in early stages of development (here and here), and so you may imagine my satisfaction of bringing the work on them to a closing.

The first two pictures show the Tigrai irregular bands, 15mm Irregular miniatures.

Next, Bana warriors from the excellent 15mm Tin Soldier range, which I plan to deploy as Shoa warriors.

I made sure that at least one miniature could stand out as leader, and here's the detail on the Shoan one.

Tin Soldier also offers Galla warriors, and here's what I was able to came up with.

And here's a more dramatic shot of the charging Galla. Notice again the leader.

Finally, the band(s) of Danakil lancers (Tin Soldier.)

I also completed the painting job on the Ethiopian leaders. Special attention was paid to create a nice vignette for Negus Neghesti, but I also made sure to paint some good details on the other general offered in the Tin Soldier command pack.

A final note: all my Irregular and Tin Soldier 15mm miniatures are distributed in the U.S. by Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies. Over the years, Jacob has provided top notch customer service and assistance, and it is a distributor whom I enthusiastically endorse and recommend.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I hope that you won't mind if I politely "hate" you for finishing a period.

Seriously, you are to be congratulated . . . and I still "hate" you becuase, of course, I have numerous unfinished projects and periods.

-- Jeff

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

It is nice to see that you have almost achieved you aim ... and the figures look good as well. Here's hoping that they will be in action soon.

All the best,


Eric Burgess said...

Adolfo, I can't seem to get in touch with you via email. Can you send me an email? (

I need some minor help with the Campaign Muster.

Eric Burgess
PS - Looks like you have plenty of figures for DoB2