Monday, July 19, 2010

I am back!

Well, it has been a while since my last update, wasn't it?

You may imagine DestoFante leisurely reclined next to a pool, or on a beach, with a frozen margarita in one hand, and the latest issues of the Battlegames magazine is the other, maybe only partially distracted by a couple of beauties sunbathing nearby (that's usually when Mrs. DestoFante's slap brings me back to reality...)

And you couldn't be any farther from the truth. In fact, the last 60 days have been busy. Really busy. On the personal front: the DestoFante family bought a new home in May, went to closing in June, did the remodeling in July, and we are now ready to move next week! The job has kept me busy, too, with travels through the Midwest and the East Coast. The good news is -- because of a meeting in Philadelphia, I was able to be at Historicon, although for just one day and half! I will provide my personal report from the convention in the next few days.

But, most importantly: I am getting into a new period. The war of Austrian Succession/Seven Years War. This sounds like a momentous decision, but it is not: it is the result of a couple of years of pondering (read what I wrote back in 2008, here and here) and some conclusions reached over the last couple of months. The explanation of which will take the next post.

For the time being -- I am back!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome back. If I might make a suggestion, do think about starting with the War of Austrian Succession . . . the combatants are arranged a bit differently, but you can then work your way forward and enjoy the whole lot.

Also, if I might I'd like to suggest that you look at the wonderful RSM95 figures if you are at all thinking of gaming with 28mm figures. They are listed as 25mm figs, but are closer to 30mm in height albeit with realistic proportions (i.e., no "pumpkin-headed 28mm dwarves"). Their website:

-- Jeff

DestoFante said...


yes, I am in fact starting with the War of Austrian Succession! Indeed, my initial forces are modeled on a simplified order of battle for Mollwitz. And guess, what, I am also doing it with larger battalions than I used to: I am planning for 24-miniature units mounted four per base, as in the standard set by "Napoleon's Battles. This system should serve me well for a variety of rules, from "Warfare in the Age of Reason" to Piquet to "Might and Reason." I am already in love with the idea to have miniatures based two row deep.
What I didn't cave in about is the size. I looked at the RSM95 figures, I drooled about them, but at the end of the day I resolved to stay the course (you might well quip back: to stay the "curse"!), and insist (persist?) on 15mm. My most severe limitation is gaming space: with a 6' by 4' table, going 25mm or 30mm will reduce a lot the available options for battles. I still feel that 15mm gives me the best balance between the room I have and the sheer beauty of the painted miniatures. Thanks for the link!

Bluebear Jeff said...

There is nothing wrong with 15mm . . . and limited table space is a good reason to go that route.


-- Jeff