Thursday, July 19, 2012

Count down to Historicon, and some previews on Saxe-Pape

If all goes well, tomorrow by this time in the morning I will be at Historicon, in Fredericksburg, VA. Having missed the show one year ago, I am really looking forward to reconnect with friends, do some shopping, and hopefully join a few games.
As my usual, I am showing up at the convention without much of a plan. I have no pressing need to purchase miniatures or rules, and one of my favorite hobby bookstore, On Military Matters, is not going to attend this year. Thus, I think I may be aiming to some terrain pieces, or other target of opportunities -- a dangerous spot to be, as there is nothing like a wargamer abandoning himself to impulse shopping!

In the meanwhile, I spent the last couple of days doing some work on my revamped Imagination. I set up a specific blog... shhh, it's still a secret, but you can look at the layout and an introductory post right here at the Chronicles of Saxe-Pape. (By the way: when the time will come for the "official" launch, could anyone suggest how to have Saxe-Pape included in the Emperor vs. Elector blog?)
At the moment, I am doing some background work of the personalities of my Imaginations, comprehensive of family trees and individual attributes. I became a little apprehensive about finding proper names, but as usual, Wikipedia proved to be an invaluable resource. Would you have imagined that somebody make the efforts to provide a comprehensive "List of Hessian consorts"? With a little of research on the history of minor German principalities, and their ruling families, it is really not that difficult to come up with many splendid ideas for an Imagination.
Going forward, my plan is:
  1. to review and post the introduction and historical background on Saxe-Pape;
  2. to complete the work on personalities and ruling families in Saxe-Pape, and post brief introductions about the leading characters;
  3. to finish and post the "official" map of Alte-Saxe;
  4. to take pictures, pictures, pictures for the blogs (don't we all love eye-candies?)
  5. and, last but not least, to complete the painting of enough miniatures to fight a first battle sometimes before the end of the summer.
With those thoughts, off to Historicon - if computer connection will allow, I wouldn't mind to post from the convention, but do not hold your breath if I fail to return to these columns until Sunday.


Bluebear Jeff said...

To join the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog, email me at and I'll see that you get an invitation.

-- Jeff

DestoFante said...

Thanks, Jeff! Let me add some more substance to Saxe-Pape, and I'll definitely come to seek your intercession!

abdul666 said...

So glad you reactivate your 'Saxe-Pope' campaign!
I understand the armies will be historical ones under assumed names, but maybe one day -like hard-boiled 'historicals' who followed the same route, you'll succumb to the temptation and field one or three units of your own design, as did Der Alte Fritz with Milady de Winter's Black legion, Bill Protz with his Hussarettes and Tidders of Wittenberg with a Free Corps and a battalion of River Marines?