Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rant on badly advertised rules

I just posted this in a thread on TMP, in reference to a new, and apparently mysterious ruleset titled "Ridiculous Vanity 2nd." [No link provided because no relevant link is found, to further prove my point.]
I repeat here my rant almost verbatim, just to get it off my chest.

I am always a little puzzled when a new ruleset is announced on TMP, but then it results nearly impossible to get any information about how the system works. I usually repeat the same questions all the time: how does the sequence of play work? (I stay away from I-go-U-go) What basing is required for miniatures? How many units do you need for an average game? What are the basic mechanisms for morale/combat/melee? Orders of battle or army lists? Or tournament point? Etc. etc. These are basic questions, and I would expect to be included by default in any presentations of new rules. Instead, oftentimes you get nothing, nada, nicht, niente.

Really, it is always the same basic questions that players ask, so you would expect that people making a pitch for their rules would care to comment and inform the public, especially when the set is priced at $35-$40... I don't spend $40 on a ruleset just for the surprise to discover how it works, nor the joy of realizing that it is not the type of game I like or I am interested in playing.

Bottom line: Sorry, rules writers/publishers: but a cool picture on the front page doesn't make it for me.


Jim Wright said...

The following is a personal opinion. Your opinion may be different.

I bought the rules from On Military Matters. Excellent service as always.

1-90070 RIDICULOUS VANITY:Wars of Louis XIV 1660-1715 Covers the wars of the Sun king with a completeTactical and Campaign integrated system with maps.1 vol, 132 pgs 2009 US, HOPLITE RESEARCH
NEW-softcover ......$30.00

I read. I read them again. I read them a third time.

I pitched them out.

That's my opinion of the rules. Your opinion may be different.


DestoFante said...

I am so annoyed by now that I would not buy them regardless, even if they came out now showing the most innovative, thought-provoking, nail-biting ruleset of the century... although, it sounds like I may soon find your copy at fire-sale prices on eBay, Jim! :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

I have a copy of the first edition, which I purchased because I'd met the author.

Then I played(?) them with him refereeing at a convention . . . and some other players left during the game . . . and I nearly did as well.

All that I remember was that he nattered away about minutia I really didn't like them.

-- Jeff