Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naval teaser!

Life chez DestoFante has not been limited to sleepless nights and changing diapers! Wargaming time, in all honesty, has been minimal, as you might guess; but we had a few progress, about which I hope to update you soon in thorough manner. For the time being, just a teaser -- a naval teaser! Here a few WWI British warships just christened early tonight. These models are 1/6000 Figurehead, representing four Weymouth-class (Town-class) light cruisers, namely HMS Weymouth, HMS Dartmouth, HMS Falmouth, and HMS Yarmouth, and three Devonshire-class armoured cruisers: HMS Devonshire, HMS Hampshire, and HMS Carnarvon.

I hope to have the time to get back online soon with some pictures of my finally completed Marlburian units!


CWT said...

A Nice little set - good to see your life hasn't been entirely squeezed of wargaming!


Chasseur said...

Hi there very nice job on the models. I plan on scratch-building a complete W.W.1 fleet. I got a scale convert off of T.M.P. They say 1 mm is equal to 19.69 feet in 1:6000 scale. I was wondering if you have the Hood in your collection? According to my math it should be roughly 43 mm long, about 5 mm wide, and about 6 mm tall. Is that correct? BTW if you could please check this I would be very appreciative. If you want please e-mail me back at
my blog is at