Monday, May 4, 2009

We moved!

Now, that was the easy part, despite a couple of nights up until 3am, and shuffling apparently zillions of boxes from one side of town to another, and a full weekend spent disassembling and reassembling IKEA furniture, or assembling IKEA furniture ex novo.

The tough part of the job starts now: getting back to a semblance of normality in our life, proceeding swiftly to clear our new living space out of boxes and junk, and complete the roll call on what's there and what should be there but it's somewhere else.

More on topic: thanks to proper planning (the five Ps rule: "proper planning prevents poor performance"), the moving of my wargaming world proceeded smoothly, with relatively little damage expected at this time. Painted and almost painted miniatures were moved by yours truly, and despite some shaking of the boxes due to the bumpy ride to the new apartment (roads in Chicago still need extensive repairs after the winter), the mission was accomplished without any accident. Unpainted miniatures were packed and moved with the rest of our belongings, and I am glad to report all the boxes are accounted for. I could have done a slightly better job in organizing boxes and packs by period and army, so that less mix had to be arranged in some boxes. It may take a while now to sort things out, and unpack and make sense of what ended up with what else. In general, though, I am quite confident that everything will be accounted for, and in good shape. Expect a report soon.


Bob Cordery said...

Congratulations on your move and I hope that everyone and everything made it safely to your new home.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ditto the congratulations . . . I'm glad things went smoothly.

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Moving house can be so stressful, so I'm glad to hear you've made it!