Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Historicon to relocate to Baltimore in 2010!

Read the news on TMP.

I congratulate HMGS-East on the decision!

I was expecting to see Cold Wars move rather than Historicon, but the decision is ballsy and long due. It made little sense to have two, and for a few years three, conventions in a rural location such as Lancaster. The convention has clearly outgrown the Host, whose quality is, to say the least, lackluster, despite some recent efforts to add some variety to the food they provide.

Baltimore offers MUCH better access – by airplane, for all of us leaving away from the East Coast; and by train, if you want an alternative to driving. Hotels will likely be more expensive, but I will save money on the rental car. And I am thrilled to have the food variety that downtown Baltimore offers, compared with the modest offerings available in Lancaster. Contrary to some comments read on TMP, the city of Baltimore has shown some excellent progress in revitalizing the downtown: it is a fun, hip place to be, with excellent restaurants and a variety of activities available for the whole family.

I think the move really introduces some differentiation in what HMGS offers. Our "Northern" members will still enjoy one convention in Lancaster, if they do not want to take the trip down south; yet, Baltimore might open the opportunity to attract new people who had been reluctant to travel to rural PA.

For once, I say "BRAVA HMGS"!

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