Thursday, November 13, 2008

Naval detour

Over the years, I had a few moments of fondness for the idea of naval wargaming. On my bookshelf, I have a copy of Harpoon, in case I decided, one day, to play some modern scenario. And Seekrieg V has been on my wish-list for quite some time.
Occasionally, I also bought some miniatures: modern 1/3000 Davco and WWI 1/6000 Figurehead. These miniatures just came in my hands again tonight, as I was browsing through my wargaming closet. They are nice, nice for sure... but... er... how am I suppose to paint these little jewels? I found a few online tutorials, most notably this, but nothing that really convinced me that painting naval miniatures would not be complete madness.
So, here I am contemplating the nice pictures I am sharing, and wondering...
Modern Italian DDG "Audace", 1:3000 Davco model

WWI Italian BB, RN "Regina Elena", 1:6000 Figurehead model

WWI Italian BB, RN "Dante Alighieri", 1:6000 Figurehead model

ERRATA: The modern vessel, "Audace", is in fact a Davco model, not Navwar as previously stated.


Bluebear Jeff said...

One of the periods that tempts me is Pre-dreadnaughts . . . that period between the ACW and a bit before WWI.

And, of course, the ships that really draw me are Houston's 1/1000 scale ships (actually they vary a bit in scale, but they are all in the 1/1000 area.

To see some, take a look here:

And to see what's available, go here:

-- Jeff

Donogh said...

From the same site, so you've probably seen it already
This review of the Hallmark 1/6000 has some handy painting tips as well
If I do ever succumb to modern naval warfare it'll probably be here, where the prospect of sea scale=model scale would be too tempting!

Adik said...

Jeff, those are beautiful!

One reason why I am attracted to naval wargaming is that I can play a game with relatively little ships (especially if I will go the route of the more complex rules, like Seekrieg V). Three/four vessels per side will probably cost me less than $20 - the perfect solution for a recession time! ;-)
[Of course, rules are more expensive in this field]

Now, I only need to find a good technique to do a decent paint job!